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We love the crowd

We run workshops, webinars and programs to help entrepreneurs, startups and individuals to launch new products and crowdfund with maximum impact and success

We’re a team based between London and Boston that loves innovation and new things. So we advise, encourage, consult and share what we’ve learnt from hundreds of product launches.

Pre-Launch Planning

We help product launch teams and crowdfunders to get clear on their vision, mission and their plan (the deliberate, written variety – not some gut feeling) including campaign objectives, finances and supporting marketing and sales activities


We list-build. We show crowdfunders and startups how to do this (and if they don’t want to learn to do it themselves, we do it for them). We do this because we know how important it is to have a list to market to. You don’t just hit ‘live’ and backers will flock to you (sorry)

Campaign Visibility

We know how to build up followers on relevant social media channels, to engage and influence potential supporters and potential backers. We also get great press coverage that supports campaigns, drive supporters and encourages backers to act.

We Jump Straight In

We’re do-ers. We like jumping straight in and rolling our sleeves up, and getting things done. We’re an extension of the team we’re working with, and we know how exhausting crowdfunding campaigns and product launches can be, and we’ll be right at your side to maximize your campaign success.

Our Story

Once upon a time we were a group of technologists, marketing advisors and social media consultants. We spent much of our time on startups, and then decided that we loved startups, and the thrill and pace of crowdfunding, as well as inherent deadline of product launches. So we decided to focus on crowdfunding and product launch campaigns, because that’s what’s the point if you’re not doing what you love? Check out our testimonials page to see how much our clients agree.

  • Product launch experience 99%
  • Kickstarter campaigns 94%
  • Indiegogo campaign experience 80%
  • Other crowdfunding platforms: RocketHub, GoFundMe 60%

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